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About The Programme

The demand for healthcare has increased due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. During this challenging time, The Coronavirus Programme is an additional support for those with symptoms of the Coronavirus infection.

Anyone can sign up for this programme and download the app free of charge.

Once downloaded, you can enter your symptoms every day.

Our clinical team monitors your symptoms 7 days a week. If your symptoms require contact from our team, you can expect to hear back via a message or phone call within 24 hours.

Note - this is not an emergency service and should you require emergency care, please contact 999 immediately. This is an additional healthcare support tool and does not replace your usual healthcare channels (e.g. your GP).

Your Questions Answered

Who can sign up to the Coronavirus Programme?

  • The Coronavirus Programme is available to everyone over the age of 18 in the Republic of Ireland
  • As demand for this service is high, we may have to place applicants on a temporary waiting list but we promise we will get to you as soon as possible

What do I need to sign up to this app?

  • Access to the internet and a smartphone/tablet with Android version 7 or higher or Apple version ios12 or higher
  • You will also need a thermometer as we will ask you to record your temperature daily

How much does this app cost me?

Nothing, this service is being provided free of charge to users thanks to sponsorship from Centric Health, Irish Life and Laya Healthcare.

How does the coronavirus programme help me?

  • The app guides and reminds you to provide details on the key symptoms of Coronavirus infection on a daily basis. Symptoms tracked include how often you are coughing, whether you are short of breath, and your temperature.
  • We will send you a reminder every morning at 09:00 to log your current symptoms.
  • The Clinical Response Centre team analyses these answers every day. If they determine that they need to contact you, they will do so within 24 hours by phone or through a message in the app between the hours of 09:00-17:00, Monday to Sunday.
  • If there is no medical need to contact you, you will receive a message from us within 48 hours
  • You also have the option to request a call back in the app if you have a specific concern about your Coronavirus symptoms and we will respond to these requests within 24 hours.

How do I signup?

  • Register for free by clicking on the sign up button
  • After checking the eligibility criteria, you will receive instructions by e-mail to install the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • In the app, you will be prompted every morning at 09:00 to provide updated answers on your symptoms.
  • The Clinical Response Centre team will analyse these answers and if clinically required, the team will follow up with you within 24 hours by telephone or through a message in the app.
  • If there is no medical need to contact you, you will receive a message from us within 48 hours

Why are we doing this?

Our clinical team can remotely monitor the health of a large group of people using the coronavirus programme. We expect this to enable us to better respond to the medical needs of patients as well as providing valuable epidemiological information to the HSE. With your help, we are better prepared for possible consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.


The Coronavirus Programme has been developed in a very short timeframe to address some of the coronavirus healthcare challenges we face in Ireland. The programme will start as a basic version and will be further developed in the coming period. We reserve the right to stop your participation or reject new registrations, for example if our capacity requires us to do so.

This coronavirus programme was developed between Centric Health and Luscii, The Netherlands 2020 All rights reserved.